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News Releases

News releases are issued in cases of national significance and to announce initiatives of the Board and General Counsel.

Members of the press, please contact Press Secretary Kayla Blado with questions: For all other inquiries, email

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04/12/2024 Board Issues Technical Correction to Representation Rule
04/09/2024 Union Petitions Up 35%, Unfair Labor Practices Charge Filings Up 7% in the First Half of Fiscal Year 2024
04/04/2024 Region 25-Indianapolis Secures Settlement Requiring La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries to Rescind Unlawful Work Rules, Pay $297,000 to Employees
04/03/2024 NLRB Division of Judges Releases 2024 Bench Book
03/26/2024 NLRB General Counsel Commits to Strengthening Tech Capacity
03/20/2024 Region 32-Oakland Secures Settlement Requiring Lucid to Rescind Unlawful Severance Agreement Language
03/12/2024 National Labor Relations Board General Counsel and Government of the Dominican Republic to Partner on Workplace Rights
03/09/2024 NLRB’s Joint-Employer Rule Vacated by U.S. District Judge
02/23/2024 U.S. District Judge Stays Joint-Employer Rule until March 11, 2024
02/21/2024 Board Rules Employee’s “Black Lives Matter” Action at Home Depot Was Protected
12/01/2023 Region 29-Brooklyn Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Finding Amazon Unlawfully Retaliated Against Workers for Their Union Activities
11/21/2023 Judge Eleanor Laws Named Associate Chief Administrative Law Judge
11/16/2023 Board Extends Effective Date of Joint-Employer Rule to February 26, 2024
11/06/2023 Region 14-St. Louis Approves Settlement of More than $145,000 for Unlawfully Terminated Employees, an Agreement by the Employer to Recognize and Bargain with the Union Under Cemex, and Training for Managers and Supervisors
10/31/2023 NLRB and OSHA Announce New MOU to Strengthen Health and Safety Protections for Workers
10/26/2023 Board Issues Final Rule on Joint-Employer Status
10/13/2023 NLRB Expands Website Language Accessibility
10/13/2023 Unfair Labor Practices Charge Filings Up 10%, Union Petitions Up 3% in Fiscal Year 2023
09/26/2023 NLRB Transitions to SecureRelease for Processing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
09/13/2023 U.S. Circuit Court Directs U.S. Marshals to Take Haven Salon + Spa Corporate Officials into Custody for Refusing to Comply with Board’s and Court’s Orders