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Our brochures provide basic information on the NLRB and how it works.

Employee Rights Notice Posting

Important note: Appellate courts have enjoined the NLRB's rule requiring the posting of employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  However, employers are free to voluntarily post the notice, if they wish. You may download and print the notice using the links below. Poster Downloads

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets on significant cases as well as issues pending before the Board and initiatives undertaken by the General Counsel are available below:

Foreign Language Publications

Other than Spanish, selected NLRB publications have been translated into several languages as part of the NLRB's compliance with Executive Order 13166, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency." For Spanish publications, click here.  

Materials from NLRB Information Programs

This page contains materials presented by NLRB representatives in connection with outreach programs, workshops, and symposia.