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About NLRB

About NLRB

Organization Chart

The Board
John F. Ring, Chairman
William J. Emanuel, Member
Marvin E. Kaplan, Member
Vacant, Member
Vacant, Member
The General Counsel
Peter B. Robb, General Counsel
Alice B Stock, Deputy General Counsel
Office of the Executive Secretary

Roxanne L. Rothschild
Executive Secretary
Office of the Inspector General

David P. Berry
Inspector General
Division of Operations Mgmt

Beth Tursell
Associate to the General Counsel
Office of the Solicitor

Fred B. Jacobs
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

Brenda V. Harris

Regional Offices
Office of Representation Appeals

Terence G. Schoone-Jongen
Acting Director
Division of Administration

Lasharn Hamilton
Division of Enforcement Litigation

Mark Arbesfeld
Associate General Counsel
Division of Judges

Robert A. Giannasi
Chief Judge
Ethics Office

Lori Ketcham
Associate General Counsel
Division of Advice

Richard Bock
Associate General Counsel
Office of Congressional and Public Affairs

Edwin Egee
Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Isabel McConnell
Chief Financial Officer
Division of Legal Counsel

Nancy Platt
Associate General Counsel
Office of the Chief Information Officer

Prem Aburvasamy
Chief Information Officer