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Careers at NLRB

Careers at NLRB

Job Descriptions and Listings

General information

Each location offers challenging opportunities for the following positions


The NLRB has more than 500 attorneys across the country. About one-third work at the Washington, DC, headquarters. At headquarters, you may work on the staff of a Board Member or in one of the divisions within the Office of the General Counsel. You may be involved with writing board decisions or appellate briefs, or drafting legal advice memoranda.

In the field, attorneys act on behalf of the General Counsel, investigating charges of unfair labor practices, resolving or litigating cases, conducting elections to determine union representation preferences, and acting as hearing officers in contested representation matters. For more information regarding the various positions, click here.

Field Examiners

NLRB field examiners often provide the public its first exposure to the National Labor Relations Board. Working in our regional offices, field examiners administer and enforce the primary labor laws of the United States. Field examiners work directly with employees, unions, and employers who have filed charges alleging unfair labor practices. They investigate these charges and recommend appropriate actions or remedies. In addition, they may conduct representation elections and act as hearing officers in disputed representation cases. Field examiners are competitive service positions. Openings are advertised exclusively through vacancy announcements on; please do not apply for a position as a Field Examiner directly to a Field Office or to the NLRB hiring email address.

NLRB Talent Network

The NLRB has a Talent Network for job seekers to stay up to date on job opportunities

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