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The NLRB public website and associated services including E-Filing, Charge and Petition,
and MyAccount portal will be completely unavailable due to a data center outage
on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 from 6:00 AM until 12:00 PM EDT.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The NLRB My Account Portal is now live. Click on the My Account Portal link above to access your account and perform many functions, including:

  • Viewing your E-File History
  • E-Filing additional documents to cases/inquiries to which you are a party
  • Managing addresses associated with your account

Petitions for Review & Applications for Enforcement

After the Board issues a decision and final order in a contested unfair labor practice case, any person aggrieved may seek review of the final order, and the Board may seek enforcement of its order, in an appropriate United States Court of Appeals.  The petitions for review and applications for enforcement filed in cases involving the Board’s orders are listed chronologically by filing date.

Case Number Case Name Document Circuit Court Filed Date
01-CA-214272 Matsu Corp. d/b/a Matsu Sushi Restaurant Application for Enforcement 02: Second Circuit 07/25/2019
28-CA-218622 NP Palace LLC d/b/a Palace Station Hotel & Casino Petition for Review 09: Ninth Circuit 05/16/2019
22-CA-124968 ALARIS HEALTH AT ROCHELLE PARK Application for Enforcement 03: Third Circuit 04/08/2019
22-CA-125023 ALARIS HEALTH AT HARBORVIEW Application for Enforcement 03: Third Circuit 04/08/2019
22-CA-125076 ALARIS HEALTH AT BOULEVARD EAST Application for Enforcement 03: Third Circuit 04/08/2019
22-CA-125034 ALARIS HEALTH AT CASTLE HILL Application for Enforcement 03: Third Circuit 04/05/2019
22-CA-161563 IMAGE FIRST Application for Enforcement 03: Third Circuit 02/28/2019
28-CA-181573 Natural Life Inc. d/b/a Heart and Weight Institute Application for Enforcement 09: Ninth Circuit 02/19/2019
12-CA-188952 Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. Application for Enforcement 11: Eleventh Circuit 02/12/2019
14-CA-184805 Orchids Paper Products Co. Application for Enforcement 10: Tenth Circuit 01/11/2019

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