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10(j) Injunctions

10(j) Injunction Activity at the National Labor Relations Board

Section 10(j) of the National Labor Relations Act authorizes the National Labor Relations Board to seek temporary injunctions against employers and unions in federal district courts to stop unfair labor practices while the case is being litigated before administrative law judges and the Board. These temporary injunctions are needed to protect the process of collective bargaining and employee rights under the Act, and to ensure that Board decisions will be meaningful. The section was added as part of a set of reforms to the Act in 1947. Over the years, all NLRB General Counsels have made use of this effective enforcement tool, as shown in this chart.

There are 15 categories of labor disputes in which Section 10(j) injunctions may be appropriate, listed here. Under NLRB processes, potential cases are identified by Regional Offices and reviewed by the General Counsel, who must seek authorization from the Board before proceeding to court. Below is a list of all 10(j) injunction cases authorized by the Board since September 1, 2010, with status updates.


Authorization Date sort ascending Case Number Case Name Injunction Status
11/23/2020 28-CA-244484 NP Red Rock LLC d/b/a Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Seeking Injunction
10/16/2020 31-CA-231728 Airgas USA, LLC Seeking Injunction
09/03/2020 06-CA-252223 AREA WIDE PROTECTIVE (AWP) Settled post-10(j) Petition
07/13/2020 09-CA-251578 SMYRNA READY MIX CONCRETE, LLC Seeking Injunction
06/01/2020 32-CA-254059 Nevada Gold Mines LLC dba Nevada Gold Mines, a perfectly clear successor to Newmont USA Limited dba Newmont Mining Corp. Settled post-10(j) Petition
04/02/2020 03-CA-252090 NCRNC, LLC d/b/a Northeast Center for Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Granted
03/24/2020 06-CA-235415 Jersey Shore Steel Co. Granted
02/04/2020 03-CA-249735 Swan Trucking West, Inc. d/b/a Tripi Transportation Settled post-10(j) Petition
01/30/2020 18-CA-236643 Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Seeking Injunction
08/16/2019 03-CA-242147 Alpha Bravo Company, LLC Settled pre-10(j) Petition
06/19/2019 04-CA-238216 Mountain View Health Care and Rehabilitation, LLC Granted
04/17/2019 16-CA-217202 GRI TOWERS TEXAS INC. Settled pre-10(j) Petition
02/27/2019 08-CA-222950 Hillstone Healthcare Inc. Settled post-10(j) Petition
02/15/2019 06-CA-223468 Checklist Cleaning, LLC d/b/a Checklist Facility Maintenance Settled post-10(j) Petition
02/08/2019 14-CA-224183 Noah's Ark Processors, LLC d/b/a/ WR Reserve Granted
02/08/2019 01-CA-230178 Oakland Grove Nursing Home Settled post-10(j) Petition
01/11/2019 01-CA-223025 NSL COUNTRY GARDENS, LLC Granted
01/04/2019 21-CA-226775 PACIFIC GREEN TRUCKING INC. Granted
12/10/2018 29-CA-223355 Domino's Pizza LLC Settled pre-10(j) Petition