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Regional News Releases

Regional news highlights cases and initiatives of significance in the NLRB’s regional offices.

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Release date sort ascending Title Region
09/20/2023 NLRB Region 7 to Participate in the 28th Annual Bernard Gottfried Memorial Law Symposium Region 07 - Detroit
09/19/2023 Coffee with the Region - September 27 Region 03 - Buffalo
09/07/2023 Region 9-Cincinnati Issues Complaint Alleging Unlawful Non-Compete and Training Repayment Agreement Provisions (TRAPs) Region 09 - Cincinnati
08/30/2023 NLRB Region 25 to Participate in Workers' Law & More Event Region 25 - Indianapolis
08/23/2023 Region 16-Fort Worth Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Finding The Saldivar Group Unlawfully Threatened, Interrogated, and Fired a Worker for Complaining to Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division Region 16 - Fort Worth
07/20/2023 Region 6-Pittsburgh Secures Interim Settlement Agreement Requiring Starbucks to Reinstate Fired Workers and Cease and Desist from Further Firings at Two Pittsburgh Stores Region 06 - Pittsburgh
07/20/2023 Region 1-Boston Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision finding Dollar General Unlawfully Fired a Worker, Surveilled and Interrogated Employees, Solicited Grievances and Granted Benefits, and Threatened a Store Closure Region 01 - Boston
07/11/2023 NLRB Region-22 Wins Injunction Requiring HSA Cleaning to Rehire Two Unlawfully Fired Workers, Read and Post the Court’s Order, and Cease and Desist from Unlawful Activities Region 22 - Newark
06/08/2023 Matthew S. Lomax Named Regional Director for Region 27-Denver Region 27 - Denver
05/24/2023 Eric A. Taylor Named Regional Director for Region 9-Cincinnati Region 09 - Cincinnati
05/18/2023 Region 31-Los Angeles Secures Settlement Agreement Requiring Star Garden to Reinstate and Bargain with Unlawfully Fired Dancers Region 31 - Los Angeles
05/05/2023 Region 19-Seattle Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Finding Kroger Grocery Stores Unlawfully Discriminated Against Workers Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Pins and Masks Region 19 - Seattle
04/21/2023 NLRB San Antonio Resident Office to Close on Friday, April 28, 2023 during the Annual Battle of the Flowers Day Parade Region 16 - Fort Worth
04/17/2023 NLRB Region 16-Fort Worth Presenting at U.S. Department of Labor Online Forum on Workplace Compliance within the Construction Industry Region 16 - Fort Worth
04/05/2023 NLRB Region 1-Boston Obtains Settlement with Chipotle with $240,000 in Backpay and Front Pay, Preferential Hiring, and Notice Posting in 40 Stores Region 01 - Boston
04/05/2023 NLRB Region 29-Brooklyn, NY Office Obtains Bargaining Order and Status Updates in Settlement with Trump Village Region 29 - Brooklyn
03/14/2023 Region 2 Announces Results in Montefiore Medical Center Election Region 02 - New York
03/02/2023 NLRB Region-3 Buffalo Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Requiring Starbucks to Rehire and Compensate Seven Unlawfully Fired Workers, Reopen a Facility, Bargain with the Union, Provide Union Access, Conduct Training and Post Remedial Notices at Stores Region 03 - Buffalo
02/28/2023 Updated: NLRB Region 7-Detroit Wins Injunction Requiring Starbucks to Rehire Unlawfully Fired Worker, Post the Court’s Order, and Cease and Desist from Unlawful Activities at an Ann Arbor Store Region 07 - Detroit
02/27/2023 Kimberly E. Andrews Named Regional Director of Region 4-Philadelphia Region 04 - Philadelphia