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News & Publications


News releases are issued in cases of national and regional significance, and to announce initiatives of the Board and General Counsel.

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Release date Sort ascending Document Subject
05/13/2021 Hokulani Valencia Named Assistant to the Regional Director for the Oakland Regional Office
04/13/2021 Remembering Louis D’Amico, Former Director of the Baltimore Regional Office
03/22/2021 Kayla Blado Named Press Secretary
03/22/2021 NLRB Appoints Ruth E. Burdick as Deputy Associate General Counsel in the Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation Branch
03/05/2021 Jeff N. Cruz Named Director of the Office of Congressional and Public Affairs
10/23/2020 Thomas Goonan Named Director in Region 4 (Philadelphia)
09/08/2020 NLRB Recruiting Regional Director for Cleveland
07/13/2020 Matt Denholm named Regional Director for Region 9
06/29/2020 NLRB Recruiting Regional Directors in Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta
06/11/2020 David H. Mori and Laural S. Wagner named as New Deputies in Operations-Management
05/11/2020 Richard J. Lussier named Chief of Injunction Litigation Branch
03/03/2020 NLRB Recruiting Regional Directors for Cleveland, Cincinnati
02/05/2020 Sean Marshall named Regional Director for Region 5
01/24/2020 Nancy Platt Appointed Associate General Counsel of the Division of Legal Counsel
01/15/2020 Dolores K. Boda Appointed Special Advisor to the General Counsel
12/04/2019 John D. Doyle, Jr. Named Deputy Associate to the General Counsel
11/26/2019 Suzanne Sullivan Named Regional Attorney for NLRB’s Region 2, Manhattan Office
08/23/2019 NLRB Taps Terence G. Schoone-Jongen as Director of the Office of Representation Appeals
08/22/2019 General Counsel Peter B. Robb Names Alice B. Stock as Deputy General Counsel
07/10/2019 Richard Bock to Lead Division of Advice after Jayme Sophir’s Retirement