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The NLRB's Outreach and Public Information Programs help to educate the citizens we serve and provide needed services to those who rely upon the NLRB to enforce the statute. To do this, the NLRB maintains a centralized Speakers' Bureau to handle requests for NLRB representatives to make presentations that explain what we do.

NLRB representatives may be available at no cost to speak at and participate in meetings, conferences and seminars with a variety of organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Employee and employer groups,
  • Professional associations,
  • Local, state and federal agencies,
  • Worker advocacy groups,
  • Student groups/Schools,
  • Non-profit entities,
  • Elected officials,
  • Veterans' groups,
  • Community organizations, and
  • Other members of the general public 

NLRB professionals referred by our Speakers' Bureau will provide general information about the NLRB, its mission, and the process for filing charges and petitions. This service is available nationwide.

Need a Speaker?

If you are interested in discussing arrangements to have an NLRB expert speak to your group, please fill out the form below.

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