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Los comunicados de prensa

Los comunicados de prensa se emiten en casos de importancia nacional y regional, y para anunciar iniciativas de la Junta y el Asesor Jurídico General.

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Fecha de Publicación sort ascending Tema (en inglés)
12/22/2010 NLRB invites briefs regarding appropriate bargaining units in long-term care facilities
12/21/2010 Board proposes rule to require posting of NLRA rights
12/20/2010 Acting General Counsel builds on initiative seeking real-time remedies for serious violations during organizing campaigns
12/17/2010 Federal judge orders Kaiser Permanente to grant promised raises
12/09/2010 U.S. judge orders New Jersey nursing home to rehire two employees
12/06/2010 Board finds employer and union agreement in Dana case was lawful
11/19/2010 Los Angeles hotel settles NLRB case with $1.3 million payment
11/17/2010 NLRB invites briefs in case involving nonemployee union access at Milwaukee area retail locations
11/16/2010 Federal judge orders New York laundry to rehire employees
11/10/2010 Briefs received, posted on cases involving successor employers and voluntary recognition agreements
11/08/2010 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms injunction sought by NLRB
11/08/2010 Employees at Michigan turkey processor reject union in NLRB election
11/04/2010 Sacramento Coca-Cola will recognize Teamsters in NLRB settlement
11/02/2010 Complaint alleges Connecticut company illegally fired employee over Facebook comments
10/29/2010 Complaint issued against hair salon chain for 'secret ballot' pledge
10/28/2010 Security firm to pay $276,000 to make whole former trainees in Texas
10/25/2010 Board orders compound interest, electronic notice posting
10/15/2010 Boston labor law conference examines changes at NLRB, DOL
10/08/2010 California healthcare election results
10/08/2010 Employees reject union in Atlanta-area Coca-Cola elections