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General Counsel Memos

General Counsel memoranda provide policy guidance.


Memo Number Subject Memo Date sort ascending
GC-23-05 Guidance in Response to Inquiries about the McLaren Macomb Decision 03/22/2023
GC 23-04 Status Update on Advice Submissions Pursuant to GC Memo 21-04 03/20/2023
GC 23-03 Delegation to Regional Directors of Section 102.118 Authorization Regarding Record Requests from Federal, State, and Local Worker and Consumer Protection Agencies 11/09/2022
GC 23-02 Electronic Monitoring and Algorithmic Management of Employees Interfering with the Exercise of Section 7 Rights 10/31/2022
GC 23-01 Settling the Section 10(j) Aspect of Cases Warranting Interim Relief 10/20/2022
GC 22-06 (Revised Attachment) Update on Efforts to Secure Full Remedies in Settlements 06/23/2022
GC 22-05 Goals for Initial Unfair Labor Practice Investigations 05/27/2022
GC 22-04 The Right to Refrain from Captive Audience and other Mandatory Meetings 04/07/2022
GC 22-03 Inter-agency Coordination 02/10/2022
GC 22-02 Seeking 10(j) Injunctions in Response to Unlawful Threats or Other Coercion During Union Organizing Campaigns 02/01/2022
GC 22-01 Ensuring Rights and Remedies for Immigrant Workers Under the NLRA 11/08/2021
GC 22-01 (en Español) Asegurando los Derechos y Remedios para Trabajadores Inmigrantes 11/08/2021
GC 21-08 Statutory Rights of Players at Academic Institutions (Student-Athletes) Under the National Labor Relations Act 09/29/2021
GC 21-07 Full Remedies in Settlement Agreements 09/15/2021
GC 21-06 Seeking Full Remedies 09/08/2021
GC 21-05 Utilization of Section 10(j) Proceedings 08/19/2021
GC 21-04 Mandatory Submissions to Advice 08/12/2021
GC 21-03 Effectuation of the National Labor Relations Act Through Vigorous Enforcement of the Mutual Aid or Protection and Inherently Concerted 03/31/2021
GC 21-02 Rescission of Certain General Counsel Memoranda 02/01/2021
GC 21-01 Guidance on Propriety of Mail Ballot Elections, pursuant to Aspirus Keweenaw 11/10/2020