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Administrative Law Judge Decisions

After a Regional Director issues a complaint in an unfair labor practice case, an NLRB Administrative Law Judge hears the case and issues a decision and recommended order, which can then be appealed to the Board in Washington. If no exceptions are filed, the judge's order becomes the order of the Board. An administrative law judge's decision is not binding legal precedent in other cases unless it has been adopted by the Board on review of exceptions; these judges function much like trial court judges hearing a case without a jury. Such hearings are conducted at the locality where the unfair labor practice allegedly occurred. On occasion, administrative law judges also issue decisions in non-complaint, post-election representation cases that may be appealed to the Board.

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Case Number JD Number Case Name Judge Issuance Date sort ascending Board Outcome
32-CA-282594 JD(SF)-29-22 Chemtrade West US LLC AMITA TRACY 11/17/2022 Pending Board Decision
12-CB-285734 JD(SF)-30-22 ILA, Local 1526 (Florida International Terminals, LLC) BRIAN GEE 11/17/2022 Pending Board Decision
16-CA-271723 JD-71-22 Vision Battery USA, Inc. ANDREW GOLLIN 11/09/2022 Pending Board Decision
05-CB-267953 JD-72-22 1199SEIU - United Healthcare Workers East (Whitman-Walker Health) ARTHUR AMCHAN 11/09/2022 Pending Board Decision
25-CA-283635 JD-70-22 UTC Railcar Repair Services, LLC, d/b/a Union Tank Car Company PAUL BOGAS 11/07/2022 Pending Board Decision
19-CA-230472 JD(SF)-27-22 Oxarc, Inc. Ariel Sotolongo 11/04/2022 Pending Board Decision
19-CA-289275 JD(SF)-28-22 Starbucks Corporation JOHN GIANNOPOULOS 11/03/2022 Pending Board Decision
29-CA-285334 JD(NY)-12-22 Elm Community Charter School JEFFREY GARDNER 11/03/2022 Pending Board Decision
12-CA-282408 JD-68-22 KENDALL HEALTHCARE GROUP, LTD., a limited partnership, and COLUMBIA HOSPITAL CORPORATION OF KENDALL, KELTNER LOCKE 10/28/2022 Pending Board Decision
04-CA-244051 JD-69-22 Temple University Hospital, Inc. ARTHUR AMCHAN 10/18/2022 Pending Board Decision
07-CA-207685 JD-67-22 Bannum Place of Saginaw, LLC SHARON STECKLER 10/14/2022 Pending Board Decision
14-CA-290968 JD-66-22 Starbucks Corporation ARTHUR AMCHAN 10/12/2022 Pending Board Decision
07-CA-292971 JD-65-22 Starbucks Corporation GEOFFREY CARTER 10/07/2022 Pending Board Decision
19-CA-284534 JD(SF)26-22 Capitol Recycling and Disposal, Inc. d/b/a Allied Waste Services of Salem/Republic Services of Salem ELEANOR LAWS 10/07/2022 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
09-CA-285597 JD-58-22 PRYSMIAN CABLES AND SYSTEMS USA, LLC ROBERT GIANNASI 10/03/2022 Pending Board Decision
15-CA-270505 JD-63-22 Woman's Hospital Foundation CHRISTINE DIBBLE 09/30/2022 Pending Board Decision
04-CA-277775 JD-64-22 Stericycle, Inc. MICHAEL ROSAS 09/30/2022 Pending Board Decision
19-CB-214679 JD(SF)-25-22 ILWU, Alaska Division, Unit 223 (Matson Navigation Co.) MARA-LOUISE ANZALONE 09/29/2022 Pending Board Decision
05-CB-286354 JD-62-22 Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689 a/w Amalgamated Transit Union AFL-CIO, CLC (Transdev North Amer CHRISTAL KEY 09/29/2022 Pending Board Decision
16-CA-279233 JD-60-22 United States Postal Service DONNA DAWSON 09/29/2022 Pending Board Decision