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Appellate Court Briefs filed by the Board in Enforcement and Review Cases

After the Board issues a decision and final order in a contested unfair labor practice case, any person aggrieved may seek review of the final order under Section 10(f) of the Act, and the Board may seek enforcement of its order, in an appropriate United States Court of Appeals under Section 10(e) of the Act. The General Counsel, through the Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation Branch (ASCLB), represents the Board in review and enforcement cases in the Court of Appeals. The briefs and occasional petitions filed by the ASCLB in support of the Board's orders are listed chronologically by filing date.

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Case Number Case Name Circuit Court Filed Date sort ascending
18-CA-273796 Home Depot USA, Inc. 08: Eighth Circuit 07/11/2024
19-CD-269624 International Longshore and Warehouse Union and International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 1 09: Ninth Circuit 06/21/2024
22-CA-218903 Exxon Mobil Research & Engineering 05: Fifth Circuit 05/29/2024
07-CA-292971 Starbucks Corporation 06: Sixth Circuit 05/09/2024
29-CA-291981 Acumen Capital Partners LLC DC: DC Circuit 05/01/2024
02-CA-294227 Blue School 02: Second Circuit 05/01/2024
19-CA-260013 Hood River Distillers, Inc. DC: DC Circuit 04/30/2024
28-CA-230115 CEMEX Construction Materials Pacific LLC 09: Ninth Circuit 04/22/2024
06-CA-266234 Miller Plastic Products, Inc. 03: Third Circuit 04/22/2024
31-CA-299257 Starbucks Corporation 08: Eighth Circuit 04/15/2024
14-CA-248354 Coreslab Structures (Tulsa) Inc. 10: Tenth Circuit 04/12/2024
07-CA-261954 Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. 06: Sixth Circuit 04/03/2024
02-CA-286802 John Gore Theatrical Group, Inc. 02: Second Circuit 04/02/2024
02-CA-286802 John Gore Theatrical Group, Inc. 04/02/2024
32-CA-281627 IMPORT MOTORS II, INC. DBA AUDI CONCORD 09: Ninth Circuit 03/28/2024
09-CA-251857 QUICKWAY TRANSPORTATION, INC. 06: Sixth Circuit 03/27/2024
32-CA-260614 Tracy Auto, L.P. dba Tracy Toyota 09: Ninth Circuit 03/21/2024
31-CA-268924 Art Directors Guild 09: Ninth Circuit 03/15/2024
29-CA-291981 Acumen Capital Partners LLC DC: DC Circuit 03/13/2024
15-CA-257443 CAPSTONE LOGISTICS LLC and Associated Wholesale Grocers, as Joint employers 05: Fifth Circuit 03/07/2024