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News Releases

News releases are issued in cases of national significance and to announce initiatives of the Board and General Counsel.

Members of the press, please contact Press Secretary Kayla Blado with questions: For all other inquiries, email

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Release date sort ascending Title
09/11/2023 Gwynne A. Wilcox Sworn in for Second Term as Board Member
08/31/2023 Board Restores Protections for Employees Who Advocate for Nonemployees
08/31/2023 Board Returns to Totality of Circumstances Test for Determining Concerted Activity
08/30/2023 Board Revises Standard on Employers’ Duty to Bargain Before Changing Terms and Conditions of Work
08/28/2023 Board Clarifies 2019 Decision on 'Wright Line' Burden
08/25/2023 Board Issues Decision Announcing New Framework for Union Representation Proceedings
08/24/2023 National Labor Relations Board Issues Final Rule to Restore Fair and Efficient Procedures for Union Elections
08/23/2023 Region 16-Fort Worth Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Finding The Saldivar Group Unlawfully Threatened, Interrogated, and Fired a Worker for Complaining to Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division
08/02/2023 Board Adopts New Standard for Assessing Lawfulness of Work Rules
07/20/2023 Region 6-Pittsburgh Secures Interim Settlement Agreement Requiring Starbucks to Reinstate Fired Workers and Cease and Desist from Further Firings at Two Pittsburgh Stores
07/20/2023 Region 1-Boston Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision finding Dollar General Unlawfully Fired a Worker, Surveilled and Interrogated Employees, Solicited Grievances and Granted Benefits, and Threatened a Store Closure
07/17/2023 NLRB Appoints Six New Administrative Law Judges
07/11/2023 NLRB Region-22 Wins Injunction Requiring HSA Cleaning to Rehire Two Unlawfully Fired Workers, Read and Post the Court’s Order, and Cease and Desist from Unlawful Activities
06/13/2023 Board Modifies Independent Contractor Standard under National Labor Relations Act
05/30/2023 NLRB General Counsel Issues Memo on Non-competes Violating the National Labor Relations Act
05/18/2023 Region 31-Los Angeles Secures Settlement Agreement Requiring Star Garden to Reinstate and Bargain with Unlawfully Fired Dancers
05/12/2023 NLRB Division of Judges Releases 2023 Bench Book
05/01/2023 Board Returns to Traditional Standards for Evaluating Employee Misconduct During Protected Concerted Activity
04/20/2023 Board Details Potential Remedies for Repeated or Egregious Misconduct
04/07/2023 Unfair Labor Practices Charge Filings Up 16%, Union Petitions Remain Up in Fiscal Year 2023