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Advice Memoranda and Emails Dealing with COVID-19

Below is a list of Advice Memoranda and case-closing emails that deal with a variety of issues related to COVID-19 that have arisen around the country. See also GC-20-04, which was issued in response to many questions parties and practitioners were raising in the early stages of the pandemic, in order to make the public aware of several cases in which the Board had considered the duty to bargain during emergency situations. And see GC-20-14, which summarizes some of the Advice merit determinations related to COVID-19; note that because these cases are in active litigation, no additional information will be provided about them, except through the litigation process, until those cases are closed. 


Case Name Case Number Issuance Date Release Date
Operating Engineers, Local 428 (Transdev Services) 28-CB-273792    05/11/2022      07/29/2022
Barilla America 18-CA-259469    07/31/2021      09/15/2021
Virginia Mason 19-CA-270734    07/26/2021      09/15/2021
Birner Kansas, LLC 14-CA-262563    04/09/2021      09/15/2021
Operating Engineers, Local 18 (George J. Igel & Co.) 09-CB-265010    06/04/2021      07/14/2021
California Nurses Assn. (Methodist Hospital of Southern California) 21-CG-273820    05/26/2021      07/14/2021
Fox Television Stations 02-CA-262630     02/24/2021      07/14/2021
Third Street Station 13-CA-269669    05/07/2021      06/15/2021
Trader Joe's 16-CA-261558    04/28/2021      05/13/2021
Peacock Laboratories 04-CA-266343    12/08/2020      01/25/2021
PASNAP (Albert Einstein Hospital) 04-CB-261088    11/18/2020      12/14/2020
Forterra Pipe & Prescast, LLC 15-CA-260140    11/13/2020      12/14/2020
El Sol Contracting and Construction Co. 29-CA-260786    10/08/2020      11/12/2020
Milwaukee County Transit 18-CA-259607    06/17/2020      10/15/2020
Mercy Health Partners 07-CA-258220    08/11/2020      09/15/2020
Comcast Cable 22-CA-259093    08/08/2020      09/15/2020
Marek Brothers Drywall 16-CA-258507    07/20/2020      08/13/2020
Memphis Ready Mix 15-CA-259794    07/31/2020      08/13/2020
Crown Plaza O’Hare 13-CA-259749    07/20/2020      08/13/2020
ABM Business 13-CA-259139    07/09/2020      08/13/2020
Hornell Gardens 03-CA-258740    07/31/2020      08/13/2020
Larry Peel Co. 16-CA-259403    06/15/2020      07/15/2020
RS Electric Corp. 14-CA-260142    06/19/2020      07/15/2020
United States Postal Service 14-CA-258516    06/03/2020      07/15/2020
Mercy Health General Campus 07-CA-258425    06/10/2020      07/15/2020
Children School Services 05-CA-258669    06/30/2020      07/15/2020