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About NLRB

El Paso, Texas

When employees at G-2 V Enterprises, Inc, a landscaping and grounds maintenance services company began looking into union membership, the company put in place a broad prohibition against conducting union activities during work hours. Some workers, however, continued to assert their right and to engage in these activities. 

In July of 2014, managers began interrogating employees about their union membership activities and sympathies. One employee was given a written warning, and then discharged the same day. This employee was known to be one of the primary union organizers.

The employee and union filed a charge with the NLRB’s Phoenix office and, following an investigation, a complaint was issued against the employer. The Board authorized a temporary injunction requiring the employer to refrain from its illegal activity and reinstate the fired employee. A district court judge agreed and ordered the reinstatement.

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El Paso, TX
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G-2 V Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Double V Enterpises and Maintenance Engineers, Inc., a Joint Venture d/b/a DV Maintenance
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