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Robert A. Giannasi

Chief Administrative Law Judge

Except for a short stint in private practice, Judge Robert A. Giannasi has spent his entire career with the National Labor Relations Board.   He was an attorney in the Board’s Appellate Court Branch for 10 years, arguing cases on behalf of the Board in various United States Courts of Appeals.   He was Assistant General Counsel and Deputy Chief of the Appellate Court Branch when he was appointed an administrative law judge by the Board in May 1976.  Judge Giannasi was named Chief Judge in July 1996.  He is the longest serving administrative law judge and the longest serving chief judge in Board history.

A native of Highwood, Illinois, Judge Giannasi graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1961 and from Georgetown University Law School in 1964.  After law school, he spent a year as law clerk to United States Circuit Judge Charles Fahy, who served as the Board’s first General Counsel from 1935 to 1940.

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