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Beginning in July 2019, the NLRB will be transitioning to a new NLRB My Account Portal. You will be able to access your account to perform many functions, including:

  • Viewing your E-File History
  • E-Filing additional documents to cases/inquiries to which you are a party
  • Managing addresses associated with your account”

Keltner W. Locke


Judge Locke was appointed in January of 1997. He previously served for 11 years as a field attorney, trial specialist, and supervisory attorney in the Board's St. Louis Regional Office.  He also spent 3 years as a senior associate with the law firm of King & Ballow, representing employers in labor relations matters.  He received his B.J. degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, his J.D. from Wayne State University, and his L.L.M. from George Washington University. He was an SSA judge for 5 years before transferring to the NLRB. 

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