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Regional Director Dorothy Moore-Duncan retires

After 15 years as Director of the Philadelphia Regional Office and 40 years with the agency, Dorothy Moore-Duncan has retired from the National Labor Relations Board, effective Jan. 3.

John D. Breese, Assistant to the Regional Director, and Daniel E. Halevy, Regional Attorney, will serve as Acting Regional Director on a rotating basis until a permanent director is chosen.

Ms. Moore-Duncan began her NLRB career in 1972 as a field attorney in Philadelphia. She transferred to Washington headquarters in 1976 and served as counsel to former Board Member Peter D. Walther. In 1977, she transferred to the Appellate Court Branch in the Division of Enforcement Litigation and later returned to the Philadelphia Office in 1979 as a supervisory attorney.

In 1980, Ms. Moore-Duncan was appointed Deputy Assistant General Counsel of the Agency’s Division of Operations-Management and served in that capacity until 1981, when she returned to the Philadelphia office as the Deputy Regional Attorney. In 1991, she was appointed Regional Attorney of the Philadelphia office, and in 1997, she was named Regional Director.

A native of Troy, North Carolina, Ms. Moore-Duncan received her B.A. degree in political science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1969, and a J.D. degree from Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia in 1972.


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