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NLRB Chairman and General Counsel Send Letter to Appropriators on Budget Crisis

Office of Public Affairs

Today, National Labor Relations Board Chairman Lauren McFerran and General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo sent a letter to congressional appropriators, alerting them to the budget crisis at the NLRB. They explain that the NLRB has received the same nominal appropriation of $274.2 million since FY2014. Adjusting for inflation, the Agency has lost one-quarter of its purchasing power over the past nine years. If the NLRB is flat-funded for an additional year, the Agency will likely be forced to pursue furloughs:

“The Agency has already implemented a hiring freeze and, without additional funding, will likely be forced to pursue furloughs. … Further erosion of the Agency’s staff and resources will continue to harm case processing to the significant detriment of both employers and employees.”

Read the letter here.

Established in 1935, the National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency that protects employees from unfair labor practices and protects the right of private sector employees to join together, with or without a union, to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. The NLRB conducts hundreds of workplace elections and investigates thousands of unfair labor practice charges each year.