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Lisa Y. Henderson Appointed as Regional Director of Region 10–Atlanta

Office of Public Affairs

Today, General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo announced the appointment of Lisa Y. Henderson to serve as the Regional Director for the Agency’s Region 10. With a central office in Atlanta, Georgia, and three additional offices in Birmingham, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Region 10 is responsible for conducting elections, investigating unfair labor practice charges, and protecting the right of workers to act collectively to improve their wages and working conditions in parts of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 

“Lisa has proven herself to be a dedicated public servant with almost three decades of experience serving the Board. She is a true leader whose intellectual acumen, work ethic, and commitment to fully enforcing the mission will ensure that the public is well and faithfully served,” said General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo. “I am delighted to welcome her as the Regional Director, where she will continue to play an important role upholding the National Labor Relation Act.” 

A native of Wilson, N.C., Ms. Henderson graduated in 1986 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in English. In 1989, she received a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School and, in 1991, a Master of Arts in American History from Columbia University.  

Ms. Henderson began her career with the Agency as a Field Attorney in Region 4–Philadelphia in 1992 and transferred to Region 10 in 1994. She was promoted to Supervisory Attorney in 2010 and to her prior position as Regional Attorney in 2016. She served as Acting Director of Region 10 from October 2020 to August 2021. 

Established in 1935, the National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency that protects employees, employers, and unions from unfair labor practices and protects the right of private sector employees to join together, with or without a union, to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. The NLRB conducts hundreds of workplace elections and investigates thousands of unfair labor practice charges each year. Region 10 serves areas in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia from its Regional Office in Atlanta, its Subregional Office in Winston-Salem, and Resident Offices in Birmingham and Nashville.