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Headquarters Directory

Headquarters Mailing Address:
National Labor Relations Board
1015 Half Street SE
Washington, D.C. 20570-0001
Headquarters information: 202-273-1000
Alternative Number: 202-273-1991
For general inquiries via email, please contact

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Board Members  
Lauren McFerran, Chairman 
Marvin E. Kaplan 
David M. Prouty  
Gwynne A. Wilcox 
Office of the General Counsel 
Jennifer A. Abruzzo, General Counsel202-273-3700
Peter Sung Ohr, Deputy General Counsel202-273-3700
Jessica Rutter, Associate General Counsel202-273-3700
Office of the Executive Secretary202-273-1940
Roxanne L. Rothschild, Executive Secretary 
Office of the Solicitor 
Fred B. Jacob, Solicitor202-273-2910
Office of Representation Appeals 
Terence G. Schoone-Jongen, Director202-273-1971
Office of Congressional and Public Affairs 
Kayla Blado, Director202-273-1991
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Office of the Chief Information Officer 
Prem Aburvasamy, Chief Information Officer202-273-3925
Andrew Martin, Library202-273-3720
Office of the Inspector General202-273-1768
Kevin N. Thomas, Acting Inspector GeneralClick here for IG web resources
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity 
Brenda V. Harris, Director202-273-3891
Division of Operations-Management 
Joan Sullivan, Associate General Counsel202-273-2900
Division of Advice 
Richard Bock, Associate General Counsel202-273-2894
Division of Enforcement Litigation 
Ruth E. Burdick, Deputy Associate General Counsel 
Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation Branch
Elicia Watts, Director
Office of Appeals
Division of Legal Counsel 
Nancy Platt, Associate General Counsel202-273-2937
Dawn Goldstein, Deputy Associate General Counsel202-273-2936
Helene Lerner, Assistant General Counsel, Contempt, Compliance, and Special Litigation Branch202-273-3738
Synta Keeling, Assistant General Counsel, FOIA Branch202-273-3842
David Gaston, Assistant General Counsel, E-Litigation202-273-1087
Office of Human Resources 
Lawrence Patterson, Director202-273-3900
Division of Administration 
Lasharn Hamilton, Director202-273-3936
Facilities and Property202-273-4040
Office of the Chief Financial Officer 
Isabel McConnell, Chief Financial Officer202-273-3884
Acquisition Management202-273-4047
Finance202-273-4230 phone
Ethics Office 
Lori Ketcham, Associate General Counsel 
Assistant General Counsel for the Office of Special Counsel and Labor Relations 
Polly Misra, Assistant General Counsel 202-273-3848 phone