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Section 203.4

Sec. 203.4 Field attorneys. The field attorneys are charged in general with the duty of performing all necessary legal services for the Regional Directors in the Regions. They are directly responsible to the Regional Attorneys, and through them to the Regional Directors, for performance of these services. Under the direction of the Regional Attorneys, they:

(a) Investigate petitions concerning the representation of employees (including the taking of secret ballots of employees) in accordance with section 9(c) of the National Labor Relations Act;

(b) Conduct hearings in proceedings under section 9 of the National Labor Relations Act and section 7(b) of the Fair Labor Standards Act;

(c) Investigate charges of unfair labor practices under section 8 of the Act;

(d) Appear and participate as counsel in Board hearings and, when designated, in other Board litigation and proceedings;

(e) Prosecute any inquiry necessary to the functions of the General Counsel, have access to and the right to copy evidence, administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses, and receive evidence;

(f) Perform all necessary acts required of them in connection with the foregoing and the published Rules and Regulations of the Board.