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About NLRB

About NLRB

"Featherbedding" (Section 8(b)(6))

Unions may not seek payment for services not performed.

Section 8(b)(6) of the Act makes it unlawful for a labor organization or its agents "to cause or attempt to cause an employer to pay or deliver or agree to pay or deliver any money or other thing of value, in the nature of an exaction, for services which are not performed or not to be performed."

  • As its wording makes clear, Section 8(b)(6) outlaws causing or attempting to cause an employer to pay for services "not performed or not to be performed." It does not outlaw securing payment for make-work - i.e., for services that are unneeded or unwanted, but performed. It also does not outlaw securing "call-in", "show-up", or "reporting" pay.