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You can apply for most NLRB jobs directly through our vacancy announcements on

The following positions require special applications:

Field Attorney and Field Examiner Positions, Board Attorneys, General Counsel Office Attorneys

To be considered for an appointment with the NLRB in one of its field offices as an attorney or field examiner, you must submit an application package contianing the following information:

  • a completed OF-510, Applying For a Federal Job
  • a current resume or other written application. See OF-612 Optional Application For a Federal Job
  • a completed OF-306, Declaration For Federal Employment Form (this form is to collect information ussed to determine your acceptability for federal employment.)
  • your undergraduate, graduate, and law school transcripts, as applicable
  • one writing sample for attorney applicants (an additional sample may be requested later)
  • a supplemental form for entry-level field attorney or field examiner positions if applying for a position in a field office

Submit your completed application package to Headquarters for Board Attorney and General Counsel Office Attorney positions, and to the NLRB field office most convenient to you (NLRB Field Office Address Locator) or to for Field Attorney and Field Examiner Positions. Your application package will be reviewed and you will be advised if an interview is necessary.

For Field Attorney and Field Examiner Positions, interviews will be scheduled at a time and location convenient for you and may be conducted at a field office or by videoconference. All final field hiring determinations are made in our Headquarters office in Washington, DC.

Please note that you may submit an application to be considered for entry level Field Attorney or Field Examiner positions even though a vacancy announcement has not been posted by submitting the full application package described above to the Regional Director of the field office nearest to you or to

Student Positions: Law & Non-Law

Learn more about the NLRB's programs for both college and high school students. Programs can be either paid or unpaid, and include the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP), Student Career Ecperience Program (SCEP), Student Volunteer Service  Program, and the Peggy Browning Fund for law student internships.


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