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The law protects the right of employees to choose or reject union representation. It also both protects and limits union efforts to represent an employer's workers. For example, unions may campaign vigorously to win employees' support, but they may not force neutral employers to cease doing business with an employer the union seeks to organize. Unions should also consult the information addressed to employees and employers.The statements contained in this smart phone application are intended for users' general information. This application may not be cited as legal authority. Particular statements may be subject to unstated exceptions, qualifications, and/or limitations, and may even be rendered unreliable without prior notice by changes in the law. In addition, although we have sought to provide broad general guidance, we do not claim completeness. In other words, you may be subject to prohibitions under the National Labor Relations Act that are not set forth here. The National Labor Relations Board expressly disclaims any purpose or intent to furnish legal advice. You may contact your nearest regional Board office and/or an attorney to discuss your specific situation or to learn more about your rights and obligations under the NLRA.

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