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How do I get, and use, my PIN number?

PINs are not required for E-filing. They are used to request E-service. Participants in active cases before the Board or the Division of Judges can obtain access to electronic information and receive early notification of filings and decisions in the case, but only if they register with the Agency to retrieve a PIN number. If you are a participant on such a case, you can request a PIN number by sending an email to Please provide the case number for each case in which you are a participant. Participants in cases that are not yet pending before the Division of Judges or the Board are not included in the pilot project. The Agency-assigned PIN number is needed only for the initial registration for E-Service. To access the system in the future, you will use the name and password that you created. If you misplace your PIN number before you sign-up for E-Service, contact and your PIN number will be sent to you. If you have multiple cases pending before the Board and/or Division of Judges, and there are variations in your name and address in the different cases, you may receive different PIN numbers for the different cases. When you log into the NLRB's website, the PIN(s) you receive will allow you to edit your contact information, and consolidate your contact information records. Please note that you do not need a PIN number to use the other services available at, including accessing your previously E-Filed documents and saving your contact information for faster E-Filing.

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