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NLRB issues Request for Information regarding election regulations

The National Labor Relations Board is inviting interested individuals and organizations to provide responses to its Request for Information regarding the representation election regulations located at 29 CFR parts 101 and 102 (the Election Regulations), with a specific focus on amendments to the Board’s representation case procedures adopted by the Board’s final rule published on December 15, 2014 (the Election Rule or Rule). As part of its ongoing efforts to more effectively administer the National Labor Relations Act (the Act) and to further the purposes of the Act, the Board has an interest in reviewing the Election Rule to evaluate whether the Rule should be retained without change, retained with modifications, or rescinded, possibly while making changes to the prior Representation Election Regulations that were in place before the Rule’s adoption. Regarding these questions, the Board believes it will be helpful to solicit public responses to this request for information.

The Request for Information will be published in the Federal Register on December 14, 2017, and can be accessed here.

Request for Information from the Public

The Board invites information relating to the following questions:

1. Should the 2014 Election Rule be retained without change?

2. Should the 2014 Election Rule be retained with modifications? If so, what should be modified?

3. Should the 2014 Election Rule be rescinded? If so, should the Board revert to the Representation Election Regulations that were in effect prior to the 2014 Election Rule’s adoption, or should the Board make changes to the prior Representation Election Regulations? If the Board should make changes to the prior Representation Election Regulations, what should be changed?

Responses to the Request for Information must be received by the Board on or before March 19, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: All responses submitted here will be posted immediately without any change to the response, including changes to personal information provided in the response or the uploaded document(s). Responders should not include in their response or uploaded document(s) any personal information such as Social Security numbers, personal addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, as such submitted information will become viewable by the public when the responses are immediately posted online. It is the responders’ responsibility to safeguard their information. Contact Roxanne Rothschild, Deputy Executive Secretary, at or 202-273-1940 if you have any questions about submitting documents containing personal information.

NLRB Request for information regarding the representation election regulations.

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