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Operations-Management Memos

Operations-Management memoranda are issued to the field offices from the Division of Operations-Management of the General Counsel’s Office in Washington to give direction in case handling matters.
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Memo Number Subjectsort ascending Memo Date
OM 13-38 Interregional Assistance Program 03/27/2013
OM 13-46 Interregional Assistance Program 05/06/2013
OM 13-25 Interregional Assistance Program 01/30/2013
OM 13-58 Interregional Assistance Program 07/26/2013
OM 13-56 Interregional Assistance Program 06/24/2013
OM 13-23 NxGen Best Practices 01/07/2013
OM 13-53 Attachment Notice Posting date calculation 2013-2104 06/12/2013
OM 13-31 Pathways Interns 02/13/2013
OM 13-57 Double Paneled Notices 06/24/2013
OM 13-59 (ATT2) Attachment 2 NLRB OSC MOU 08/09/2013
OM 13-29 Organizational Chart Division of Operations-Management 02/08/2013
OM 13-34 Change in Notices of Election (Form NLRB 707) 03/07/2013
OM 13-50(NxGen) NxGen Data Integrity Checks 05/21/2013
OM 13-55 Nominations for Bilingual Awards 06/14/2013
OM 13-02 Attachment Form 10/03/2012


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