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About NLRB

About NLRB

Representation Petitions and Certifications / Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Dismissal Letters

This page contains Representation Petitions and Certifications in RD, RM, & RC cases as well as Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Dismissal Letters in CB, CC, CD, CP, CG, & CE cases. The documents are organized by document type, region, and date. 

Note: Records for certain NLRB offices are grouped together as follows:

  1. Region 1: Boston, MA Regional Office and Hartford, CT Subregional Office
  2. Region 10: Atlanta, GA Regional Office, Birmingham, AL Subregional Office, and Nashville, TN Resident Office. 
  3. Region 15: New Orleans, LA Regional Office, Memphis, TN Subregional Office, and Little Rock, AR Resident Office
  4. Region 12: Tampa FL Regional Office, Hato Rey, PR Subregional Office, and Miami, FL Resident Office. 
  5. Region 14: St. Louis, MO Regional Office, Overland Park, KS Subregional Office, and Tulsa, OK Resident Office. 
  6. Region 18:  Minneapolis, MN Regional Office and Milwaukee, WI Subregional Office. 
  7. Region 19: Seattle, WA Regional Office and Portland, OR Subregional Office
  8. Region 20:  San Francisco, CA Regional Office and Honolulu, HI Subregional Office
  9. Region 25:  Indianapolis, IN Regional Office and Peoria, IL Subregional Office


(for ex 2019-01)

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