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Effective October 21, 2019, parties to unfair labor practice or representation cases processed in NLRB Regional Offices must submit all written statements, correspondence, position statements, documentary or any other evidence through the Agency’s electronic filing system (E-Filing). 

Click on the NLRB’s NEW My Account Portal Link to

·        Create an account or access your existing  E-Filing account

·        View your E-Filing History

·        E-File documents in a case or inquiry to which you are a party

·        Manage the contact information associated with your account.

FOIA Reports

Chief FOIA Officer Report

The Attorney General’s FOIA Guidelines require the Chief FOIA Officer to submit a report to the Attorney General containing a detailed description of the steps taken by the agency to improve FOIA compliance and transparency. These reports contain details of FOIA administration at NLRB and the steps taken by the NLRB to implement the Attorney General's FOIA Guidelines during each reporting year.

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

FOIA Annual Reports

The FOIA requires each federal agency to submit an Annual Report to the Attorney General each year. These reports contain detailed statistics on the numbers of requests received and processed by each agency, the time taken to respond, and the outcome of each request and other vital statistics regarding the administration of the FOIA at federal agencies.

2018 PDF XML 2017 PDF XML 2016 PDF XML 2015 PDF XML 2014 PDF XML
2013 PDF XML 2012 PDF XML 2011 PDF XML 2010 PDF XML 2009 PDF XML
2008 PDF 2007 PDF

FOIA Quarterly Reports

On a quarterly basis, the NLRB is required to report four key FOIA statistics to the Department of Justice. This includes:

  • the number of requests received during the quarter,
  • the number of requests processed during the quarter,
  • the number of requests in an agency’s backlog at the end of the quarter, and
  • the progress being made to close the agency’s ten overall oldest pending FOIA requests.

This information is available here in two file types pdf and xml, for download by the Department of Justice. A more user-friendly format is made available by DOJ on

2019-Q4 PDF XML 2019-Q3 PDF XML 2019-Q2 PDF XML 2019-Q1 PDF XML
2018-Q4 PDF XML 2018-Q3 PDF XML 2018-Q2 PDF XML 2018-Q1 PDF XML
2017-Q4 PDF XML 2017-Q3 PDF XML 2017-Q2 PDF XML 2017-Q1 PDF XML
2016-Q4 PDF XML 2016-Q3 PDF XML 2016-Q2 PDF XML 2016-Q1 PDF XML
2015-Q4 PDF XML 2015-Q3 PDF XML 2015-Q2 PDF XML 2015-Q1 PDF XML

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