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Statement of NLRB Chairman Pearce on the Senate Confirmation Votes

Yesterday’s votes in the Senate to confirm all five of President Obama’s nominees to the National Labor Relations Board will revitalize our commitment to protect the rights of American employers and employees under the National Labor Relations Act.  For the first time in a decade, the National Labor Relations Board will have a full complement of Board members confirmed by the Senate. 

When Congress passed the National Labor Relations Act, a promise was made to the American people.  In the words of FDR, the Board is charged with enforcing rights that reflect both “common justice and economic advance.” The Act guarantees the right of private sector workers to organize and bargain collectively with their employers and to participate in concerted activities to improve their pay and working conditions.  Employers and employees alike are guaranteed protection from unfair labor practices.  Employers and employees alike have an impartial forum for the resolution of disputes. 

I know my fellow Board members share my appreciation that the Senate has voted to allow the Board to move forward in meeting our obligations to the American people.  We are thankful to President Obama and the leadership in the Senate.  They have given us the opportunity to serve as members of a bipartisan Board, committed to playing a vital role in defining the rules of the road for America’s employers and employees.

I am grateful for the service of Richard Griffin and Sharon Block, who have so ably served as members of the Board.  Now, our newly confirmed Board looks forward to joining all the dedicated public servants who work for the American people at our headquarters and in NLRB offices throughout the country.  Together, we will continue to do the work that is necessary to enforce the law, so that business owners and employees can prosper and improve the lives of their families, their communities and our country.

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