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Region wins Section 10(j) injunction in McDermott v. Jason Lopez's Planet Earth

On November 14, 2011, United District Court Judge R. Gary Klausner issued an order granting a temporary injunction in McDermott v. Jason Lopez's Planet Earth, Civil case No. CV-11-7629 RGK.  Pursuant to the order, Respondent Planet Earth must, inter alia, offer reinstatement to two laid-off employees, bargain with the Union over certain unilateral changes, and refrain from laying off, interfering, interrogating, threatening, and offering benefits to employees in response to their activity on behalf of union Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition.  Attorney Juan Carlos Ochoa Diaz, along with Regional Attorney Mori Rubin and Deputy Regional Attorney Brian Gee, litigated the case on behalf of Petitioner James J. McDermott, Regional Director, for and on behalf of the National Labor Relations Board.

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