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Region 22 Issues Complant and Notice of Hearing Against Verizon New Jersey, Inc.

Region 22 Director J. Michael Lightner issued a Complaint and Notice of Hearing on April 30, 2013 against Verizon New Jersey, Inc. for alleged violations of the Act that took place at Verizon's Lakewood, New Jersey location.  The Complaint alleges that the Employer violated the National Labor Relations Act by making unilateral changes to the bargaining unit employees' terms and conditions of employment without prior notice to the employees' union representative, International Brotherhood of Electrtical Workers, Local 827, AFL-CIO, and without affording the Union an opportunity to negotiate and bargain with the Employer with respect to the changes.  The Complaint also alleges the Employer violated the Act by denying employees' request for a union representative during an interview.  A hearing before an Administrative Law Judge regarding these matters is scheduled to take place in the Region 22 office on June 11, 2013.

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