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Public Comments Invited on Proposal to Close San Antonio NLRB Office

National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard F. Griffin, Jr. announced that he is considering a proposal to close the Agency’s office in San Antonio, Texas.  The Office of the General Counsel is inviting public comments on the proposal to realign Agency resources.

The San Antonio office handles cases arising out of 70 counties in Southern to Western Texas, and is part of Region 16, which maintains its Regional Office in Fort Worth and a Resident Office in Houston. The counties serviced by the San Antonio Resident Office include two of the five most populous counties in Texas.  The population of the just top ten most populous counties serviced by the San Antonio Resident Office is nearly 6 million.  The realignment would be executed without employee job loss or a break in coverage.  Specifically, it is contemplated that the two employees from the San Antonio office would become Resident Agents and its Resident Officer would telework.  They would continue to serve this area of the country in a full-time capacity.   The Agency currently has Resident Agents in Providence, Rhode Island; Knoxville, Tennessee; Salt Lake City, Utah; Newport News, Virginia; Western Massachusetts; Spokane, Washington; and Jacksonville, Florida. 

This proposal is being considered in connection with the Agency’s ongoing efforts to reduce costs by decreasing office space and by taking advantage of new technologies and workplace innovations, which enable employees to work remotely.  

General Counsel Griffin is interested in receiving comments regarding this proposal.  He plans to thoroughly consider internal and external input from stakeholders before making a final decision about whether to present a formal proposal to the National Labor Relations Board’s Chairman and Board Members.   

Please submit your comments, by no later than August 16, 2017, to Associate to the General Counsel Beth Tursell in the Division of Operations-Management by e-mail at (link sends e-mail) or by mail at the National Labor Relations Board, Division of Operations-Management, 1015 Half Street, SE, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20570.

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