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NLRB issues complaint alleging unlawful discharges of union supporters at Miami casino

 The National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint alleging that a Miami-area casino unlawfully discharged 10 key union supporters during an organizing campaign in November 2011.

The complaint also alleges that various managers and officers, including the company vice president, interrogated employees about their union sympathies, asked employees to inform on the union activities of coworkers and threatened employees with discharge. In the end, 10 employees who were members of the organizing committee were fired. No election has been held.

The union, UNITE HERE! Local 355, filed charges with the NLRB Regional Office in Tampa against the Mardi Gras Casino and Hollywood Concessions, Inc., which are owned by Michigan-based Hartman and Tyner, Inc.

Following an investigation, Acting Regional Director Margaret Diaz issued the complaint on April 30 calling for the reinstatement of discharged employees with full backpay. Unless there is a settlement, the matter will be heard by an Administrative Law Judge in Miami on June 25.



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