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NLRB Approves Restructuring of Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Puerto Rico and Tampa Regional Offices

The National Labor Relations Board has approved the formal restructuring of four regional offices, as proposed in March 2013 after evaluating feedback from members of Congress, NLRB staff, and the public.

The restructuring, to be published in the Federal Register July 24, 2013 will change the status of two Regional Offices to subregional offices.   The number of NLRB Regional Offices will be reduced from 28 to 26, while the total number of field offices will be unchanged at 51.

Specifically, the Milwaukee, WI office (Region 30) will become a subregion of the Minneapolis, MN Regional Office (Region 18). The Des Moines office will remain a resident office of Minneapolis.  The Regional Director in Minneapolis is Marlin Osthus.  This office restructuring will take effect on August 1, 2013.

The Puerto Rico office (Region 24) will become a subregion of the Tampa, FL Regional Office (Region 12). The Miami and Jacksonville, FL offices will remain resident offices of Tampa.  The Regional Director in Tampa is Margaret Diaz.  This office restructuring will take effect on September 1, 2013.

Like the restructuring of several field offices last year, this restructuring will result in the establishment of a more rational field structure, one that adjusts the Agency’s presence to the case filing developments that have occurred over the years by more evenly distributing case intake among Regions.  The development of the Agency’s electronic case management system (NxGen) has greatly facilitated the Agency’s ability to proceed with these restructuring plans.  All of the resulting Regions will be of a size and internal management structure that will optimize efficiency and economy, while preserving high quality investigations and litigation.  It results in an Agency that is best able to fulfill its mission in the future.

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