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NLRB Administrative Law Judges issue 207 decisions and settle 438 cases in FY 2012

The National Labor Relations Board’s Division of Judges disposed of 645 cases in FY 2012, issuing 207 decisions and settling 438 cases. Half of the decisions issued within 82 days of the close of hearing and within 41 days of the receipt of briefs or submissions.

The high ratio of settlements to decisions reflects a continuing effort by the Division to encourage the resolution of cases by the parties themselves, through judges’ involvement in pre-trial conference calls and on-site meetings.

Total case intake increased slightly from the previous year, from 1,161 to 1,192. The total case intake includes all cases docketed with the Division by NLRB regional offices at the time a complaint is issued by the General Counsel. Many of the docketed cases are withdrawn or settled by the regional offices before the assignment or involvement of an NLRB judge. Absent settlement, judges conduct trials and issue initial decisions that may then be appealed to the 5-member Board.

The NLRB employed 37 Administrative Law Judges at the end of the fiscal year, compared to 40 at the end of FY 2011. All ALJ decisions are available through this page.

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