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National Labor Relations Board Creates Division of Legal Counsel at Headquarters

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has created a new Division of Legal Counsel at its Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  The new Division consists of three branches created by the consolidation of several Headquarters’ offices.  The consolidation eliminates duplication of functions, improve the delivery of services, streamline operations and integrate services.   The new Division of Legal Counsel is headed by Associate General Counsel Margery E. Lieber.  The three Branches of the Division of Legal Counsel are: 

  • The Ethics, Employment and Administrative Law Branch provides the NLRB with legal counsel and advice in the areas of ethics, labor relations, employment and personnel law, government contracting and Federal Tort Claims Act matters. 
  • The Contempt, Compliance and Special Litigation Branch provides compliance and contempt advice and conducts litigation when external statutes, programs or outside proceedings threaten the Agency’s ability to carry out its mission.  It also provides advice and engages in litigation to attain compliance with outstanding court judgments and initiates ancillary collection proceedings.  It protects the Board’s remedial orders in bankruptcy courts or against attachments, garnishments, and liens.  It also assists with defending Agency employees when they have been sued in their individual capacity for actions taken in their official capacity, and assists Regions regarding compliance work related to potential derivative liability. 
  • The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Branch coordinates the processing of all FOIA requests in the Regional Offices and directly handles all FOIA requests in Headquarters, as well as all FOIA appeals.  In the near future, it is anticipated that all FOIA work will be centralized at the NLRB Headquarters, and, at that time, the FOIA Branch will be responsible for processing all FOIA requests nationwide. 

In addition, the Division of Legal Counsel’s Lead Technology Counsel renders advice and assistance regarding e-litigation and e-discovery matters. 

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