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Keck Hospital of USC agrees to pay $87,939 to employees as a result of unlawful unilateral changes

On March 19, 2014, Keck Hospital of USC, formerly known as USC University Hospital (Employer), agreed to fully remedy the employees affected by its unilateral elimination of an extra shift bonus and a mandatory on-call schedule.

On September 17, 2012, the Board found that the Employer made unilateral changes without first bargaining with National Union of Healthcare Workers (Union), the employees’ bargaining representative.  The Board ordered the Employer to remedy its unfair labor practices by rescinding its unilateral changes, bargaining in good faith with the Union, posting a notice to employees, and making employees whole for any monetary losses suffered as a result of the unilateral changes.

Although the Employer promptly complied with most of the Board’s Order, it did not make employees whole for their lost earnings.  However, NLRB Region 16 Board Agents sought full compliance, and prevailed when the Employer agreed to pay all four employees for their lost earnings, which totaled $87,939. 

The decision in 358 NLRB No. 132 can be found here.

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