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Tally of Ballots - Case 14-RC-173981

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Saint Louis University

Case Number: 14-RC-173981
Tally Type: Initial
Tally Issued Date: 05/23/2016
Ballot Type: Single Labor Organization
  • Single Labor Organization
    Date Filed: 04/14/2016
    Unit Location: St. Louis, MO
    Region Assigned: Region 14, Saint Louis, Missouri
    Status: Closed on 06/02/2016
    Reason Closed: Certific. of Representative
    Unit ID: A
    No. of Eligible Voters: 156
    Void Ballots: 0
    Votes Against: 28
    Total Ballots Counted: 117
    Challenged Ballots: 2
    Votes for Labor Union1: 89
    Labor Union1: Service Employees International Union Local 1
    Union to Certify: Service Employees International Union Local 1
    Voting Unit (Unit A): Included: All adjunct faculty and graduate assistants who teach courses beyond their stipend and are compensated on a per-course basis, employed by Saint Louis University in its College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education of Saint Louis University who teach at least one credit-bearing course in a degree-granting program at the campus located at Grand Blvd and Lindell Blvd, Saint Louis City, also known as the North Campus. Excluded: All other employees: post-doctoral fellows, non-tenured track faculty, tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, full-time and part-time staff who also teach as an adjunct, deans, associate deans, assistant deans, provost, vice provosts, assistant provosts, administrators, department chairs, graduate assistants who only teach courses pursuant to a stipend, graduate students, athletic coaches, persons teaching exclusively on-line courses, all persons employed by all other Colleges, Schools, or Programs not specified in the unit description above and faculty who teach non-degree granting courses, office clerical employees, managers, confidential employees, guards and supervisors as defined by the Act.

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