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Tally of Ballots - Case 01-RC-235019

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Trustees of Boston University D/B/A WBUR

Case Number: 01-RC-235019
Tally Type: Initial
Tally Issued Date: 02/27/2019
Ballot Type: Single Labor Organization
  • Single Labor Organization
    Date Filed: 01/30/2019
    Unit Location: Boston, MA
    Region Assigned: Region 01, Boston, Massachusetts
    Status: Closed on 03/07/2019
    Reason Closed: Certific. of Representative
    Unit ID: A
    No. of Eligible Voters: 117
    Void Ballots: 0
    Votes Against: 3
    Total Ballots Counted: 76
    Challenged Ballots: 11
    Votes for Labor Union1: 73
    Labor Union1: Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)
    Union to Certify: Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)
    Voting Unit (Unit A): Included: All full-time and regular part-time employees of WBUR who create content for News, Programming, Podcasts, or Digital Media, including: producers, reporter/producers, associate producers, editor/producers, producer/director, coordinating producers, producing editors, senior producers, producer/technical directors, digital producers, producer/reporters, senior associate producers, co-host & producers, engagement producers, newscast producers, reporters, host/reporters, editors, managing editors, managing producers, multimedia producer/photographers, news writers, senior news writers, news anchors, senior political reporters, reporter/anchors, announcers, hosts, photographers, multimedia producers, digital news editor & producers, news anchors, news analysts, data journalists, producing editors, co-hosts, directors, reporter & anchors, visual/social medias, videographer/photographer, newsletter editors, technical directors, senior reporters, digital managers, senior technical directors, sound designers, and senior sound designers. Excluded: All office clerical employees, finance and administrative employees, fundraising and development employees, community engagement employees, service and technical employees, interns, fellows, student employees, WBUR employees already represented by a labor union, guards, and supervisors as defined by the Act.

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