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Effective October 21, 2019, parties to unfair labor practice or representation cases processed in NLRB Regional Offices must submit all written statements, correspondence, position statements, documentary or any other evidence through the Agency’s electronic filing system (E-Filing). 

Click on the NLRB’s NEW My Account Portal Link to

·        Create an account or access your existing  E-Filing account

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Recent Charges and Petitions Filings

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Case Number: 09-UC-255062
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Date Filed: 01/23/2020
Region Assigned: Region 09, Cincinnati, Ohio
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 165
Unit Sought: Present Unit: [A]ll employees employed at its 5100 Duck Creek Road location in the production, warehouse, fleet, plant maintenance operations, and building and grounds operations, but excluding checkers, driver-merchandisers, cooler delivery employees, over-the-road drivers, refrigeration and vending service employees, special events employees, sign painters and sign shop employees, beverage analysts, automated guided vehicle technicians, office and clerical employees, guards, sales employees, professional employees and supervisors, as defined by the National Labor Relations Act, as amended, and all other employees of the Company. Proposed Unit: Excluded from the above described unit: All employees at the Erlanger, Kentucky warehouse facility.

Value Added Processing, Inc.

Case Number: 06-RD-252755
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date Filed: 12/03/2019
Region Assigned: Region 06, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 26
Unit Sought: Included: All production and maintenance employees. Excluded: Professional, managerial, salesmen, office clerical, supervisors.

Birnie Bus Service, Inc.

Case Number: 03-RC-248964
Location: Utica, NY
Date Filed: 09/27/2019
Region Assigned: Region 03, Buffalo, New York
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 243
No. of Eligible Voters: 260
Unit Sought: All full-time and regular part-time drivers, monitors, cleaners, routers, mechanics, trainers/instructors, safety coordinators, and dispatchers employed at the Utica Terminal under the contract for the Utica City School District. Excluded: Guards, Supervisors, Managers, and Professionals, as defined by the Act.

Riverstone Group, Inc.

Case Number: 25-RD-221796
Location: Utica and Olglesby, IL
Date Filed: 06/11/2018
Region Assigned: Region 25, Indianapolis, Indiana
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 19
Unit Sought: Included: All Equipment Operators and Maintenance Employees Excluded: Foremen/Superintendents, Scale House & Quality Control Employees, office employees and Supervisors

Davis & Son Excavation, LLC

Case Number: 25-RM-214375
Location: Valparaiso, IN
Date Filed: 02/06/2018
Region Assigned: Region 25, Indianapolis, Indiana
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 0
Unit Sought: Included: Operating Engineers, Truck Drivers, and Laborers Excluded: Owners, Members of LLC (Management)

Marist College

Case Number: 03-RC-127374
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Date Filed: 04/28/2014
Region Assigned: Region 03, Buffalo, New York
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 330
No. of Eligible Voters: 500
Unit Sought: All part-time, undergraduate faculty employed by Marist College to teach at Marist College's main campus located at 3399 North Road, Poughkeepsie, NY, including: Adjunct Instructors, Adjunct Professors, Adjuncts, Adjunct Faculty, Adjunct Lecturers and Student Teaching Supervisors. Excluded: All other faculity, including tenured and tenure-eligible faculity, full-time faculity, graduate school faculty, and faculity who teach online only or at another location. Also excluded are all other employees, whether or not they have teaching responsibilities, including administrators, coaches, librarians, directors, managers, guards, and supervisors as defined in the National Labor Relations Act.


Case Number: 25-RD-116731
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Date Filed: 11/12/2013
Region Assigned: Region 25, Indianapolis, Indiana
Status: Open - Blocked
No. of Employees: 50
Unit Sought: Included: Full-time and regular part-time Production and Maintenance employees. Excluded: Guards, Professional employees, Technical employees, Supervisors and all other office employees.
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