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Where to File Your FOIA Request

Your request will receive the quickest possible response if it is addressed to the office where the records are located. The NLRB Chief FOIA Officer is Margery E. Lieber, Associate General Counsel, Division of Legal Counsel. 

All unfair labor practice and representation cases initially are investigated and processed in the Agency's Regional Offices. If you are seeking records in a particular case file, and you have no reason to believe that the file has been referred to Washington, you should address your request to the appropriate Regional Office. You can tell which region is processing a case from the first two digits of the case number (e.g., Case 28-CA-12345 would be an unfair labor practice case filed in Region 28, Phoenix, Arizona). For the locations of the Agency's Regional Offices around the country, go to Locating Our Offices and use the Locator tool on that page. 

Other Agency records are located at the NLRB's headquarters in Washington, DC. Most of the records at headquarters are maintained under the custody of the General Counsel's office. These records are primarily concerned with the investigations and prosecutions of unfair labor practice charges that have been referred to Washington for further processing, such as appeals from dismissals of a charge by a Regional Office or court enforcement of Board decisions. The General Counsel's office also maintains nationwide or multi-regional statistical data (requests for data involving case processing within a single Regional Office should be addressed to that office).

The Agency's five-member Board has custody of records maintained directly by the Board members and their staffs, as well as records in the Executive Secretary's office, the Office of the Solicitor, the Division of Judges, and the Office of the Inspector General. The principal type of publicly available records maintained by the Board are records in representation case files that have been referred to Washington for processing.

To obtain records located in Washington, DC, address your request to:

Deirdre MacNeil,
National Labor Relations Board
1015 Half Street, S.E.
4th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20570
[Fax number: (202) 273-FOIA (3642)] 


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