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NLRB FOIA Public Service Centers/Liaisons

FOIA Public Liaisons:  

The NLRB’s FOIA Public Liaisons are supervisory officials to whom you may raise concerns about the service you have received from the office processing your FOIA request. Although the office to which you directed your FOIA request will respond to your request, the FOIA Public Liaisons shall seek to ensure a service-oriented response to FOIA requests and FOIA-related inquiries. For example, the FOIA Public Liaisons shall assist, as appropriate, in reducing delays, increasing transparency, understanding the status of requests, and resolving disputes. Please contact the appropriate Public Liaison if you have concerns about information you have received from the office processing your FOIA request.  No initial FOIA requests should be made to the Public Liaisons. 

FOIA Officer: 

Deirdre MacNeil 
Phone: (202) 273-3842 

FOIA Liaison: 

Diane Bridge
Phone: (202) 273-3843

Chief FOIA Officer:

Margery E. Lieber
Phone: (202) 273-2940

Office of Congressional and Public Affairs
Phone: (202) 273-1991

Division of Operations-Management

Beth Tursell
Assistant to the General Counsel, District I: Region 1 (Boston, MA), Region 2 (New York, NY), Region 3 (Buffalo, NY), Region 6 (Pittsburgh, PA), Region 10 (Atlanta, GA),  Region 20 (San Francisco, CA), Region 22 (Newark, NJ), Region 29 (Brooklyn, NY), Region 32 (Oakland, CA)
Phone: (202) 273-2888
Dorothy Wilson
Assistant General Counsel, District II: Region 4 (Philadelphia, PA), Region 5 (Baltimore, MD), Region 8 (Cleveland, OH), Region 9 (Cincinnati, OH), Region 12 (Tampa, FL), Region 15 (New Orleans, LA), Region 18 (Minneapolis, MN), Region 21 (Los Angeles, CA), Region 31 (Los Angeles, CA)
Phone: (202) 273-3781
Elizabeth Kilpatrick
Assistant General Counsel, District III: Region 7 (Detroit, MI), Region 13 (Chicago, IL), Region 14 (St. Louis, MO), Region 16 (Fort Worth, TX), Region 19 (Seattle, WA), Region 25 (Indianapolis, IN), Region 27 (Denver, CO), Region 28 (Phoenix, AZ),
Phone: (202) 273-0058


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