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Announcements are notices of personnel and other administrative changes at the NLRB.

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Release Date Document Subjectsort descending
08/31/2011 Laura T. Vazquez is appointed Deputy Assistant General Counsel for Injunction Litigation
11/28/2011 Leah Jaffe named Deptuy Regional Attorney of the NLRB's Manhattan Office
01/13/2015 Leah Z. Jaffe Named NLRB Regional Attorney in NLRB's Manhattan, New York Office
05/20/2011 Leonard Perez named Officer in Charge of subregional office in Peoria, IL
01/07/2011 Leticia Pena named Deputy Regional Attorney of Denver Regional Office
07/05/2016 Lisa Y. Henderson Named Regional Attorney for NLRB's Atlanta Office
05/23/2012 Margaret Diaz appointed Regional Director of NLRB's Tampa, FL Regional Office
03/28/2013 Mark Arbesfeld named Deputy Director of the Office of Appeals
02/03/2015 Mary Elizabeth Mattimore Named NLRB Regional Attorney in Buffalo
01/29/2016 Mary Taves Named Overland Park Officer-in-Charge
05/19/2014 Matthew T. Denholm named Assistant to the Regional Director in Cincinnati, Ohio
07/18/2011 Memorial Service Friday for Former Board Chairman John C. Truesdale
05/15/2014 Michael C. Cass Named Officer-in-Charge in Hartford, Subregion 34
11/07/2016 Mindy Landow Named Associate Chief Administrative Law Judge in New York
05/23/2012 Mori Pam Rubin appointed Regional Director of the NLRB Los Angeles, CA Regional Office
05/30/2014 Nancy Platt named Deputy Assistant General Counsel, Contempt, Compliance, and Special Litigation Branch in the Division of Legal Counsel
02/27/2015 Nancy Wilson Named Regional Director of NLRB's Pittsburgh Office
12/10/2012 Naomi Stuart appointed Officer in Charge in Overland Park, Kansas
12/03/2014 Nathan M. Seidman Named Assistant to the Regional Director of the NLRB's Los Angeles Office


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