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Announcements are notices of personnel and other administrative changes at the NLRB.

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Release Date Document Subjectsort descending
12/27/2010 David A. Kelly named Deputy Assistant General Counsel in NLRB
07/18/2012 David Cohen appointed Regional Attorney of the NLRB's Regional Office in Tampa, FL
07/08/2014 David E. Leach III, named Regional Director in Region 22 (Newark)
02/27/2012 David Leach appointed Regional Attorney in New York
02/22/2013 Deborah Yaffe named Director of the NLRB General Counsel’s Office of Appeals
09/02/2014 Deirdre MacNeil Appointed Assistant General Counsel, Branch Chief of the Freedom of Information Act Branch
01/29/2013 Dennis Walsh named Regional Director in Philadelphia
05/27/2014 Dolores Boda named Deputy to the Assistant General Counsel in the Division of Operations-Management
02/05/2013 Dorothy Foley named Deputy Regional Attorney in Newark
05/21/2012 Dorothy Wilson appointed Assistant General Counsel in the NLRB's Division of Operations-Management
09/26/2011 Eleanor Laws appointed NLRB administrative law judge
01/13/2017 Elicia L. Watts Named Deputy Director in the Office of Appeals
03/15/2012 Elinor Merberg named Chief of Injunction Litigation Branch
01/31/2013 Elizabeth Kilpatrick named Assistant General Counsel in Operations-Management
04/02/2015 Eric V. Oliver Named Regional Attorney for NLRB's Cincinnati Office
03/26/2015 Excess bound volumes of NLRB Decisions and Orders will be available to the public
02/03/2016 Excess bound volumes of NLRB Decisions and Orders will be available to the public
12/05/2014 Garey E. Lindsay Named Regional Director of NLRB's Cincinnati Office
04/12/2013 Gary Shinners named NLRB Executive Secretary
12/20/2013 George Velastegui Named NLRB Regional Director in Oakland, California


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