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Administrative Law Judge Decisions

After a Regional Director issues a complaint in an unfair labor practice case, an NLRB Administrative Law Judge hears the case and issues a decision and recommended order, which can then be appealed to the Board in Washington. If no exceptions are filed, the judge's order becomes the order of the Board. An administrative law judge's decision is not binding legal precedent in other cases unless it has been adopted by the Board on review of exceptions; these judges function much like trial court judges hearing a case without a jury. Such hearings are conducted at the locality where the unfair labor practice allegedly occurred. On occasion, administrative law judges also issue decisions in non-complaint, post-election representation cases that may be appealed to the Board.

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Case Number JD Number Case Namesort descending Judge Issuance Date Board Outcome
28-CA-072150 JD-ATL-04-14 CPS Security Solutions, Inc. d/b/a CPS Security (USA), Inc., CPS Construction Security Plus, Inc., a MICHAEL MARCIONESE 02/11/2014 Affirm
02-CA-085811 JD(NY)-47-14 CSC HOLDINGS, LLC, and CABLEVISION SYSTEMS NEW YORK CITY CORP., a Single Employer STEVEN FISH 12/04/2014 Settled
04-CA-094600 JD-11-14 Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. SUSAN FLYNN 03/05/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
09-CA-123404 JD-57-14 DANITE HOLDINGS, LTD D/B/A DANITE SIGN COMPANY CHRISTINE DIBBLE 09/26/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
05-CA-035687 JD-34-14 Daycon Products Company, Inc. ERIC FINE 06/16/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
27-CA-107239 JD(SF)-46-14 Decker Truck Line, Inc. ELEANOR LAWS 09/23/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
19-CA-097260 JD(SF)-18-14 Deer Creek Electric, Inc. and Black Hills Electric, Inc. alter egos MARY CRACRAFT 05/01/2014 Affirm
29-CA-103180 JD-NY-15-14 Domino's Pizza LLC MINDY LANDOW 03/27/2014 Affirm
05-CA-088893 JD-16-14 DURHAM SCHOOL SERVICES ARTHUR AMCHAN 03/28/2014 Affirm
05-CA-106483 JD-30-14 Durham School Services, L.P. DAVID GOLDMAN 05/09/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
20-CA-124323 JD(SF)-55-14 E Center JOHN MCCARRICK 11/10/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
05-CA-101359 JD(ATL)-07-14 E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company DONNA DAWSON 02/20/2014 Pending Board Decision
01-CA-116211 JD(NY)-37-14 EDRO Corporation d/b/a Dynawash RAYMOND GREEN 09/09/2014 Affirm
19-CA-116399 JD(SF)-45-14 Edwards Painting Inc. JOHN MCCARRICK 09/26/2014 Affirm
20-CA-120999 JD(SF)-42-14 EF International Language Schools, Inc. MARY CRACRAFT 09/15/2014 Affirm
09-CA-106788 JD-61-14 EURO BUILDERS, LTD. THOMAS RANDAZZO 10/24/2014 Adopted/No Exceptions Filed
07-CA-118835 JD-58-14 EYM King of Michigan, LLC d/b/a Burger King ARTHUR AMCHAN 09/29/2014 Pending Board Decision
20-CA-035259 JD(SF)-20-14 Fairfield Imports, LLC d/b/a Fairfield Toyota, Momentum Autogroup, and Momentum Toyota of Fairfield JOHN MCCARRICK 06/03/2014 Withdrawn
07-CA-102899 JD-14-14 Faro Screen Process, Inc. DAVID GOLDMAN 03/27/2014 Affirm


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