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Administrative Law Judge Decisions

After a Regional Director issues a complaint in an unfair labor practice case, an NLRB Administrative Law Judge hears the case and issues a decision and recommended order, which can then be appealed to the Board in Washington. If no exceptions are filed, the judge's order becomes the order of the Board. An administrative law judge's decision is not binding legal precedent in other cases unless it has been adopted by the Board on review of exceptions; these judges function much like trial court judges hearing a case without a jury. Such hearings are conducted at the locality where the unfair labor practice allegedly occurred. On occasion, administrative law judges also issue decisions in non-complaint, post-election representation cases that may be appealed to the Board.

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Case Number JD Numbersort descending Case Name Judge Issuance Date
31-CA-029929 JD(SF)-02-13 Marina Del Rey Hospital WILLIAM KOCOL 01/16/2013
21-CA-039086 JD(SF)-03-13 Sodexo America LLC WILLIAM KOCOL 01/18/2013
21-CA-083930 JD(SF)-05-13 Mountain View Country Club MARY CRACRAFT 01/24/2013
32-CA-078124 JD(SF)-06-13 Piedmont Gardens JAY POLLACK 01/29/2013
37-CA-008316 JD(SF)-07-13 Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc. ELEANOR LAWS 02/04/2013
31-CA-072916 JD(SF)-09-13 Countrywide Financial Corporation, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., and Bank of America Corporation (he WILLIAM KOCOL 02/13/2013
20-CA-080565 JD(SF)-10-13 Endo Painting Service Inc. GERALD WACKNOV 02/22/2013
32-CA-025585 JD(SF)-11-13 San Pablo Lytton Casino JAY POLLACK 03/05/2013
19-CA-078239 JD(SF)-12-13 DAVIES, INC., D/B/A DALLAS GLASS ELEANOR LAWS 02/25/2013
21-CA-039887 JD(SF)-13-13 Evolution Mechanical Services, Inc., and Murray Mechanical Services WILLIAM SCHMIDT 03/19/2013
31-CA-077074 JD(SF)-14-13 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market GERALD WACKNOV 03/22/2013
28-CA-067703 JD(SF)-16-13 Western Refining Wholesale, Inc. an affiliate of Western Refining, Inc. JOHN MCCARRICK 04/29/2013
31-CA-030055 JD(SF)-17-13 Prime Healthcare Centinela, LLC dba Centinela Hospital Medical Center GERALD ETCHINGHAM 04/12/2013
28-CA-075461 JD(SF)-18-13 David Saxe Productions, LLC and Vegas! The Show, LLC, Joint Employers ELEANOR LAWS 05/07/2013
21-CA-039867 JD(SF)-19-13 Ralphs Grocery Company JEFFREY WEDEKIND 04/30/2013
31-CA-030208 JD(SF)-20-13 California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory WILLIAM KOCOL 05/06/2013
19-CA-032599 JD(SF)-22-13 Remington Lodging & Hospitality, LLC, d/b/a The Sheraton Anchorage JOHN MCCARRICK 06/06/2013
31-CA-066945 JD(SF)-23-13 Encino Hospital Medical Center- Prime GERALD WACKNOV 05/21/2013
31-CA-089178 JD(SF)-24-13 Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals; Southern California Permanente Group: The Permanente GREGORY MEYERSON 05/20/2013


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