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Two-Member Cases

Decisions Issued by Two-Member Board

Below is a list compiled by the NLRB of contested cases that resulted in 554 decisions issued between January 1, 2008 and April 5, 2010, while the Board had only two members. On June 17, 2010, a divided Supreme Court ruled that the two-member Board was not authorized to issue decisions. (See background material here). Further information on individual cases is available by clicking on the case name.

Case status definitions are at the bottom of this page.

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Case Number Case Name Statussort descending
34-CA-012130 SAINT MARY HOME Closed
34-CA-009365 Stanadyne Automotive Corp. Closed
32-CA-024548 Hartzheim Dodge Closed
32-CA-024410 Hartzheim Dodge Hayward Closed
34-CA-011776 Foxwoods Resort Casino Closed
34-CA-011961 THE PARKSITE GROUP Closed
01-CA-043486 Aramark Educational Services, Inc. Closed
34-CA-012029 Bloomfield Health Care Center Closed
01-CA-044833 DPI New England Closed
01-CA-043892 Cardi Corporation Closed
02-CA-037660 Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center Closed
02-CA-037829 U.S. Health Clean Closed
02-CA-037882 Health Now, Inc. Closed
02-CA-037729 N.Y.P. Holdings, Inc. d/b/a The New York Post Closed
02-CA-036296 Matros Automated Electrical Construction Corp. Closed
02-CA-037396 NBC Universal Closed
02-CA-037967 The Lorge School Closed
02-CB-018037 United Workers of America (Planned Building Services) Closed
02-CB-021027 Local One-L, Amalgamated Lithographers of America (The Metropolitan Lithographers Association, Inc.) Closed
02-CA-038209 NYP Holdings, Inc. d/b/a New York Post Closed


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